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Dad explore is for dads and any one else seeking adventure, and new experiences. I am a 29 year old dad from small town USA. In 2017 working 60+ hours a week I realized i have been neglected my passion for traveling and spending time outdoors. Being a dad of an 8 year old, and a 1 year old has taught me that time goes by WAY TO FAST! I have a passion for traveling and exploring new places across the country. My 20’s flew by way to quickly and I have not seen enough of The United States, and not nearly enough of The World. I look forward to more explorations through my 30’s that include traveling with my kids, as well as traveling solo. Here’s to visiting more national parks and countries alike!


I have had a passion for traveling and exploring since I was a teenager and My family and I took a road trip through the midwest and western states. Ever since that experience with my family I have always enjoyed traveling. Fast forward to now, I am through my twenties getting lost in corporate America, and honestly it scares the shit out of me. I want my children to have that same experience, and memories I had on the road trips i went on when I was a kid.


Starting out in my 30’s, I look forward to dedicating more time for traveling, and more adventures. I have neglected my drive and passion over the past 10 years. Furthermore I would like to visit more cities in The United States, and Countries abroad. I have had the opportunity to visit a few countries in the the middle east due to my military service. The culture in the middle east is so different then the western hemisphere. I want to learn and experience different cultures from all over the world.



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